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Animal Rights Agenda 2011

Each year organizations such as the Humane Socieity of the United States (HSUS), People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Mercy For Animals (MFA) and numerous other organizations terrorize Animal Owners, Farmers, and Pet Breeders across the U.S. Few are actually based in Ohio but do have offices within the state to drive thier Vegan Agenda to the general public.

In 2009, HSUS fought against Issue 2 that created the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board (OLCSB) because it would block them from pushing their ideals on Ohio's Farmers. In 2010, they decided to push for a Ballot Initive that would force their ideals into Ohio's Constitution and force farmers to abide by their agenda, sidestepping the OLCSB. What resulted was an "agreement" between ex-Gov Strickland, the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation (OFBF) and HSUS. Note that there were no Representatives for the Pet Breeders or Exotic Animal Owners but 3 points of the 10 were of major concern for Ohio Animal Owners. 1. Cockfighting Bill (HB 109) would make cockfighting a higher penalty than Domestic Abuse. Hillview Exotics does not support Cockfighting however, we don't agree that the penalty should be higher than Domestic Violence. 2. The Puppy Mill Bill (SB 95). This would force legitimate, licensed, regulated kennels to tear down and rebuild at nearly 3 times the cost. 3. Ban on certain animals now labeled "Wild and Dangerous Animals". Although none of the animals originally listed on this ban are raised here at Hillview, we do not support this ban in any way. Our Brothers and Sisters in the Animal Industry may want to raise these magnificant creatures and we believe that any responsible, licensed private owner or facility should have that right.

UPDATE: January 2012

Following the Zanesville incident Gov. Kasich has enacted a ban on sales and propagation of certain exotic species. Although none of the animals we raise here are listed, we are still strongly against the banning of ownership of any animal species. New legislation is being written and due to be presented before the Senate in the very near future. At present, it is stipulated that most large exotic species and certain reptiles be banned from ownership by 2014 but allowing Zoos, Aquariums and Sanctuaries special status. This is wrong and should be fought against.

Oct 18, 2011 ODNR continues to seek governance over non-native species in Ohio. Last metion of costs to support this move was $100 per species to be paid by the owners. OAAO continues to state NO to expansion of ODNR authority at the steakholder meetings. As soon as we know the Dates/Times/Locations of open meetings we will post. If you enjoy your right to humanely own animals, you need to attend the public meetings and voice your opposition to this Animal Rights move. The NR in ODNR stands for Natural Resources, non-native speicies are not Natural Resources to Ohio and should not be under the control of state officials that have not training/knowledge of these animals.

Jun 16, 2011 Stakeholder meetins are set to begin next week. Currently, HSUS, OAAO, Local Humane Society, OFBF and several others have 1 representative for the meetings. We encourage everyone to contact the Gov. Office and ODNR and let them know you do not agree with HSUS being present at these meetins. They are not Stakeholders by the Legal Definition nor do their representatives have any experience/training in Animal Husbandry or Exotic Animals. They are Animal Rights representatives that work towards the Animal Rights Agenda of NO ANIMAL OWNERSHIP. Don't allow outsiders to legislate your rights out of your hands. Call now, contact information is below.

April 6, 2011 Gov. Kaisch has allowed the Ban to expire however, ODNR is going to draft rules around ownership of these and possibly other exotic animals. We need to ensure that these new "rules" do not take away our rights as Ohioans and Americans to own these animals. Send you comments to protect legal, responsible ownership of animals to the Ohio DNR at ohiodnr.com/tabid/23166/Default.aspx. Hillview Exotics supports humane treatment of all animals and does not object to regulating animals, we do object to any banning or labeling of any animal species without factual proof.

January 6, 2011 - ex-Gov Strickland signed an Emergency Executive Order to ban certain species of wild animals now termed "Dangerous". ODNR has written the new law that now must go through public hearings and JCARR for approval. Act Now! Call Gov. Kasich's Office of Constituent Affairs at (614) 644-0829 and email his office at michael.duchesne@governor.ohio.gov and tell him to stop this ban. This ban has no merit, there is NO animal emergency in this state, this ban only creates job loss to Ohioans. The newly written law includes Coyote which does affect our breeding program here at Hillview Exotics. Help us keep the animals in caring, inspected/licensed USDA/ODNR facilities just like here at Hillview.

Hillview staff worked hard to get the word out and support Ohio's Farmers with Issue 2 and we worked overtime writting letters to newspapers, Congressional Leaders, the Governor and Directors of ODNR/ODA in opposition to the Ban.

Also contact David Mustine, Director Dept of Natural Resources david.mustine@dnr.state.oh.us phone 614-265-6879. Act now before this emergency order shuts down all the Animal Welfare organizations in the state that have these magnificant animals.

We knew that outgoing Governor Strickland promised HSUS he would ban exotic animals in Ohio. He made his parting shot on January 6 when he signed his "emergency executive order" to accomplish that. The ODNR followed up the very next day by filing an "emergency rule" that expands even farther on the executive order by adding more animals to the "banned" list. Although the order and rule are only good for 90 days, a lot of damage can be done during those 90 days.

We will try and keep this page updated with new information as quickly as we can but please remember, we are Animal Owners ourselves and they are the Top Priority. So, below you will find many links to explore including information on HSUS, the Animal Rights Agenda and other organizations. If you know of any additional links, please pass them forward and we'll check them out and add them if relevent.

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