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The beginnings of Hillview Exotics are truly one born of demand. In 1994 I purchased land that had belonged to my Grandparents. The property had not been taken care for years and the once well-kept pastureland was over run with tall grass and snakes. Many hours went into cutting down the grass but I still needed a way to rid myself of the snake population. I was searching for a natural way to handle my problem so I spoke with a Wildlife officer. He suggested getting Guineafowl or Peafowl and let them free range the area. I went to the local auctions and bought myself several Guinea, spoke with some breeders and turned them loose. By the following year I had rid myself of my snake infestation and was being asked by the local Amish if I had any Guinea Keets for sale. Having many around the farm I began hatching and selling them to the Amish.

Seeing a local need for poultry and waterfowl, I added to the list of available birds by adding Chickens, Ducks and Geese. Not only could I provide the birds themselves, I could also sell the eggs. Over the years the farm has grown in include all types of fowl from Macaws to Exotic Waterfowl and Mammals.

Whether you’re in the market for a good egg laying chicken or just some colorful waterfowl for your pond, we've got you covered. Looking for that over the top bird? We have colorful Exotic waterfowl such as Wood Ducks, Mandarins, Barnacle geese and beautiful White Swans. We also raise Game Birds ranging from Ringneck Pheasant to Bobwhite Quail and Exotic Game Birds ranging from Lady Amherst Pheasant to Valley Quail.

Not only do we provide some of the best outdoor birds, we also raise hand fed Macaws, Parrots, and Parakeets. For those special occasions, we have beautiful White Doves. Hillview Exotics is committed to providing the best we can whether it is some free advice or providing you a unique hand raised pet for your child. We have many years of first hand experience in raising birds and mammals. Our mammals are well cared for and vet checked. We sell Ranch Foxes ranging in colors from Silver to Pearl all the way down to the smaller indoor pets like Chinchilla’s, Guinea Pigs and Hamsters.

Take a tour of the site by using the links located on the left and see what we have. If you don’t see what you’re looking for drop us a line, we might be able to get it or let you know where you could find it. When you’re ready to order simply click on the View Price List link located at the end of each animal description or click on the Ordering link to the left. On our Events page you will find what auctions and swap meets we regularly attend and can purchase from us there directly. You can also email or give us a call.

We are a member of the Ohio Association of Animal Owners and carry all required State and Federal Licenses for the animals we propagate. Thanks for stopping by; we look forward to hearing from you and filling your order.

Staff of Hillview Exotics.

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