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What's New At Hillview Exotics in 2013

As standard, each year we look try and see what the buyers are wanting each year.

For 2013, we have again expanded our small breed mammals and added Rats, Mice, Gerbils, and Hamsters (both drawf and teddy bear). We continue to offer a wide variety of animals however, this year our waterfowl selection will be limited due to renovation of their area. We do not antcipate having any "exotic" waterfowl this year, just standard Calls, Runners, Mallard and Muscovy and our large breed geese.

Please keep in mind that we cannot control nature and although we have added these species, they may not be available. Use the menu links on the left to read up on new and current animals. As always we will keep our For Sale page updated regularly and have added a new Price and Availablity page so check often. If you see something you are interested in and we are taking orders, drop us an email and we'll add you to the list.

Last year saw a large change in the animal ownership laws in Ohio. Many of our good friends and expert animal owners have left the State or out right quite. We are sad to see them go. Hillview Exotics continues to stand against our state government taking of private propertly from federally regulated owners. We DO NOT SUPPORT any State Elected Offical that supports legislation against animal ownership. Gov. Kasich, Senator's Balderson and Hite, Representatives Hall and Hill will not be supported in their elected positions. Remember, the rights they take from us are only the ones we allow them to. Join the thousands of voices in Ohio that stand for Animal Welfare/Ownership, not Animal Rights/Extinction.